Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mixed pink garden wedding

This wedding was oh so sweet, super cute wedding at Arlington at Wattle Park Chalet.
(note: their phone number has changed it's now Provincial Events. I had trouble finding the number!)
The couple wanted to have a very casual, relaxed and fun wedding in the garden and their designs showed that through. Each element was so perfect to reflect the theme.
I really loved working on the flowers - garden style, not structured, kinda rough, natural style is just right for me :)

Garden style bouquet with mix of pinks, dark orange, white, yellow and green. 
Bridal bouquet with pinks, dark orange, white, yellow and green. 

Bridesmaids bouquet with David Austins, roses, spray roses, carnations, billy buttons and greenery

Wedding ceremony arrangement

Sweet wedding table set up

Table decoration

Bridal table flowers

Wedding guest table set up 

Congratulations L&V!

Youki x

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old English rose bouquet

Old roses, English roses, David Austins

English rose bouquet

Old English rose bouquet 

Old English rose bouquet - purple, yellow, white, cream, apricot, red, hot pink.. 

Old English rose bouquet - pink, apricot, yellow, cream, red, hot pink, white..

I went to visit my English rose grower and had such a wonderful time.
I feel like the happiest florist on earth. Sigh... ROSES! I cannot get enough of you!
Now that I'm more inspired, I really cannot wait to get started on my little flower farm..
Having troubles looking for large enough land at reasonable price.. but I guess that's what everyone is looking for so, fair enough.. wish me luck :)

Youki x

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guess what this flower is :)

Fairy house and a bouquet of mixed textural flowers 

Bouquet with greenery, leucadendron, alstromeria, lisianthus, spray roses and ferns

Bouquet with lisianthus, spray roses, alstroe, leuc and greenery

Can you guess what the brown flower is?

Looks familiar?

I made them out of pistachio shells! :)
The shape is sort of like dahlia or succulents :) Very happy about the outcome!
(I had too many that I felt guilty just throwing them away. lol.  I love making use of 'wastes')

Youki x

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kiddies Easter basket flower arrangement (5th Apr 2012)

I held a kiddies Easter basket flower arrangement class yesterday which turned out to be a success :)
It was a fun day out in the sun, in the nice garden - kids got to pick their own greenery from a wide variety of foliage that I have in the backyard, and they made a basket flower arrangement to enjoy over the Easter!

kids flower arrangement class

kids flower arrangement class

kids flower arrangement class

kids flower arrangement - basket flowers

kids Easter basket flower arrangement 

basket of flowers
You can see that mums were the ones who were doing most of the work!
It's interesting because we were all using the same flowers but all baskets turn out to be a completely different design.
All are different, but all are good! :)

Youki  x


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