Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beautiful Native wedding at the Stones of the Yarra Valley

Simple but stunning king protea bouquet

Native ceremony flowers

Ceremony flowers at the Stones

Native flowers in jars

Native table setting

Stones of the Yarra Valley never fails to be amazing!! 
I'm so lucky that my shop is only 5 minutes away :) hehe 
Looking forward to many many more stunning weddings at the Stones. 

Congratulations to A&B! 

Mauve wedding at Oakridge Wines

Pretty flowers and stunning venue! 

mauve hydrangea wedding centrepiece at Oakridge wines

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pastel wedding at the beautiful Stones of the Yarra Valley

I've got many bookings for weddings at Stones Of The Yarra Valley but this was the first time I've been there to set up a wedding. Everyone had told me how beautiful it is there, and it surely didn't disappoint one bit! It was in fact much more impressive than what I thought it'll be! No wonder everyone is raving about it.. it's absolutely stunning. 

This was a pastel theme wedding with a hint of blue to match the bridesmaids dresses.

pastel wedding bouquets
We went with pastel with both ceremony and the reception flowers 
Ceremony flowers at the Stones of the yarra valley 

Ceremony flowers at the Stones of the Yarra Valley 
Cones of petals :) 
Reception in the stables was just incredible! 
Clusters of jars at reception

 So sweet :) I love pastel flowers.
Congratulations to L&J!!!

Sugar Bee Flowers

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yellow, grey and white wedding colours at ALTO

My brain has been on a holiday mode for some time, but it has finally woken up to be motivated to do some work! Flowers are, and have been my passion for a long time but it's a bit hard to keep up when there are wedding flowers to work on, every day, consecutively for 5 days... My nerves and adrenalin got me through the weddings and all of them turned out beautifully.  (and thus my brain just went into a holiday mode after those weddings were done) This one was one of them.

Yellow, grey and white bouquet

The theme colours were yellow, white and grey and the flowers used were unique and textural. 
I used Kangaroo paw, pompom chryssie, poppy pods, succulents, dusty miller, calla lilies, veronica, billy buttons and brunia. They worked perfectly together. :) 

The tables were not set up yet when we arrived at the venue but here are the table flowers we made for this wedding using similar flowers to the bouquet.

I was so looking forward to see ALTO, and it did not disappoint.
Such a gorgeous, modern, spacious venue right in the middle of the city!

More pictures from 2013 coming soon!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Grand! wedding flowers at Brighton International

Happy New Year to you! 

At the end of 2013, I was blessed to work on this grand wedding flowers, for a wedding held at Brighton International.
With 33 tables, the theme colours were pale pink, white, cream, plum and a bit of black. 
This lovely bride had lots of gorgeous ideas - we had fun aaaaalll the way until the wedding date! 
Bridal bouquet


At the venue, we did a mix of tall arrangements and small arrangements - 
We used peonies and roses for the tall arrangements. They were soft and beautiful, some of the flowers gracefully hanging out of the vase to create a lovely curve in the stem :)

Mini bouquet for the flowergirl

For the tables with short arrangements, we used the small urns that I got from Japan (!) and designed beautiful and natural arrangements with mix of seasonal flowers including dahlias, lisianthus, lace flowers, roses, carnations, jasmine, berries, etc...
small urn arrangements for the tables 

Natural bouquet with cream, white, pale pink and plum colours

gift flowers for parents
We had so much fun! 
Thank you and congratulations to J&D!!! Wishing you all the very very best! 


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