Friday, December 27, 2013

Pretty wedding at the Emu Bottom, Wool Shed

It was my second time at the wonderful wedding venue, Emu Bottom.
Last time was in the Homestead (which was stunning) and this time I went to the Wool Shed (which was equally stunning!) 

Flower we used were very pretty, including David Austins, amazing big lisianthus, peonies, billy buttons, etc... 

For ceremony, we decorated fabric streamers made by the bride, and hanged some jars of flowers to make the ceremony backdrop very pretty :) 

Lovely pew ends for the chairs ↓ <3

The above is the amazing! Wool Shed 

Some cute jars of flowers for the tables. 

Congratulations to P&C!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Unique burgandy, silver and teal bouquets

I love a bit of unique design and I had an opportunity to work on a few this weekend.
We used peonies, calla lilies, succulents, poppy pods etc and some feathers (there's not really a teal flower around..) and ta-da! It was truly unique and beautiful bouquet, to match a very lovely bride! 

A few more of my recent work 

white and green natural arrangement

Posies - thank you gift for teachers! 

White and green simple posies 

I am delivering & selling flowers over this Christmas and New Years. 
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cute pink, apricot, coral and champagne wedding at Berth, Docklands

wedding bouquet with roses peonies and David Austins. 

I had and opportunity to make flowers for a wedding in the Docklands. 
After opening my workshop in the Yarra Valley, naturally, I've been doing a lot of local weddings but it was quite nice to get out of my comfort zone and to do a wedding in the city.  

pale pink coral apricot champagne wedding bouquets

We did a combination of coral, pink, apricot and champagne colours with peonies, David Austins and the roses. 

peonies, roses and David Austins
The venue looked so pretty :) 

Berth - wedding set up

Congratulations to M&P!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Native wedding flowers at Sutherland Estate Winery in Dixons Creek

I've heard all about it - but when I went there for the first time, I was blown away with the beautiful venue!
Stunning view, amazing venue/cellar door, beautiful staff... I could've stayed there for a few hours if I was allowed to. (but as with all other wedding suppliers, you have to disappear without a trace before everyone else arrives. sniff*)   I'm looking forward to working with Sutherland Estate for many more weddings to come. x

Native bouquet

Native buttonholes
I don't use much natives, but when I do, I keep falling in love with them.
They are bold, they are beautiful! They make such a statement. 
I somehow thought they were green, brown and gold, but there are many other colours and some of the textures and shapes are so amazing - there is nothing else that can create that special feel that natives create. 

Native wedding table flowers

Native wedding table flowers

Native wedding for wishing well table

Native wedding cake

Native wedding

Native wedding 

Such amazing wedding! Congratulations to K&C! x 

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Fun! Yellow, cream and white wedding at Yering Station

It is always nice to go to Yering station. The venue is absolutely spectacular, stunning views, professional staff... 
I am so honored to be on their recommended vendor list. Thank you to Yering Station. :) You are one of the most stunning venue in the Yarra Valley. 

Now, this wedding was one of the special ones - there were 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmens (I can't even imagine what fun they've had coming up to the wedding, and also on the day!) and the couple travelled all the way from the other side of Melbourne. So the first time I ever met the bride was the day before the wedding! We kept communication by email and I think we did really well, capturing the same idea of the day. The yellow, cream and white flowers looked really beautiful and it suited the very beautiful summery day we've had on the day. 

Congratulations to A&A! Wishing you all the very best xx 

yellow cream and white wedding with peonies freesias David Austins calla lilies and hydrangea

yellow cream and white wedding with peonies freesias David Austins calla lilies and hydrangea

David Austin pew end

jars of yellow cream and white flowers for the tables

jars of yellow cream and white flowers for the tables

jars of yellow cream and white flowers for the tables

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Blue hydrangea wedding at the Vines Restaurant

Congratulations to N&P! I love it when there is a reason why the couple chooses a type of flower. For this wedding, blue hydrangeas reminded the bride of her grandmother. I think that's so beautiful.

blue hydrangea bouquet with David Austins, succulents, lisianthus and freesias

blue hydrangea bouquet with David Austins, succulents, lisianthus and freesias

blue hydrangea buttonhole

native buttonhole

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bright and fun! Beautiful bouquet for wedding in Camberwell

We are enjoying a lot of bright and fun colours this year! 
It feels like many couples are choosing bright colours over pastels this year.
Both are gorgeous of course. 

These fun bouquets were for a wedding today - Congratulations to M&C!! x


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pink cream and deep pink wedding flowers for wedding at Wabi Sabi Garden

This wedding was so amazing in many ways.
The bride gave me the pictures of the dresses and told me to do whatever I like.
(No preference of colours or flowers or anything)
Then the flowers turned out fantastical!
I was able to do an unusual mix of colours (which really worked well together) and everyone was happy - which was the most important part.
Was so fun! :)

Sugar Bee Flowers

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pretty pastel wedding at Mt Rael Healesville

I had a chance to work on this beautiful wedding flowers for the gorgeous couple M&C.
The flowers were white & green & green with hints of pinks and creams.
This wedding was at Mt Rael, which they are closing in 2 weeks! What a shame - it's such stunning venue with gorgeous landscape and the view to die for.
I was lucky enough to be there setting up a wedding before they closed.
Their last day is next Sunday (1st Dec) so if you are going for a visit, you better plan it quickly! :)

white and pastel bouquets with David Austins, peonies and dusty miller

pastel bouquets with David Austins, peonies and dusty miller

Mt Rael
white and pastel bouquets

Cake flowers

I love pretty flowers. :) 



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