Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone! :) 
Hope everyone is having a lovely day with family and friends. 

I've got a news for you, Some of you may have already found out if you have visited the webpage.
I'm taking a break from wedding flowers for a while.
For those that have book me for their wedding in 2012 - thank you :) 
I will of course be doing your flowers; and for those who are considering me, please don't hesitate to contact me. It just means that I'm not handing out info to new enquiries. 

This idea came as I became a little more aware of the environmental impact of flower industry. 
I do what I can do to help the environment; 
-Using 100% recycled paper and not printing when I don't need to
-Buying local flowers as much as possible
-Recycling cardboard, paper and plastic as much as possible
-Composting green waste from weddings
-Driving prius (to reduce carbon emission) 

But that's about it I can do - I can't do anything about the environmental impact of growing and transporting of flowers and greenery. 

So I came up with an idea of growing my own flowers and greenery to create a "pick and make your own bouquet/arrangement" destination in Melbourne.
It's going to take a lot of planning/investing/planting and growing, but if this is going to make me more confident and happy in what I do, I'm determined to do this. 

I will keep my email address, blog & the facebook page just to give you some updates in what I'm doing; and I'd definitely let you know through here when I'm ready to open up the "community flower garden"! :) 

In the meanwhile, I'll be one of the organisers of a new NPO in parmaculture and sustainability. 
Also, when my friend opens up a cafe mid 2012 I'll be selling flowers there too - which I will also let you know when it happens. 

Thank you so much for your support in the last 3 years, and hopefully, I'll come back bigger and better in a couple of years! :) 


Friday, December 2, 2011

Professional photography by Studio Aqua Photography

The photos are here! :)

*sigh* Photos are so amazing!
Thanks Keiichi from Studio Aqua Photography!
Please visit  - he's doing amazing wedding photography package at the moment.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blue bouquet

This is another bouquet that I made for the photo shoot today with Studio Aqua Photography. :)
It's a blue bouquet with shades of blue ribbons.

Blue bouquet
Sugar Bee Flowers - servicing all weddings and special events in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong ranges and all over VIC

White cream bouquet

Sneak peek of bouquets from a professional photo shoot today!
Keiichi from Studio Aqua Photography did the photos for me, which I'm super excited about.
He was my photographer when I was on the Gold Coast - we both moved to Melbourne since then :)
Keiichi is an excellent photographer and he is doing great deals for wedding photography.
Please check out his webpage!

These are the pictures I took, I'll share with you some professional photos when I receive them. :)

2 types of lace were used for the stem - for the extra elegant touch! 

White and cream bouquet

White and cream bouquet

White and cream bouquet

White and cream bouquet

Sugar Bee Flowers - serving all over Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong ranges..


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