Sunday, May 29, 2011

Natural and organic yellow & green vineyard wedding

This wedding was especially exciting for me, because 1. we were using David Austins and 2. the bride had exactly the same taste as me! :)
I didn't do the set up of the ceremony/reception so there's no photos :( (I'm sure it was so gorgeous!!) but here are the photos of bouquets and buttonholes.
Natural and rustic - cream, yellow and greenery bouquet 

natural & rustic - cream, yellow and greenery bouquet 

stunning yellow david austins!

Bridesmaids bouquet 

Ooohhhh the bouquet makes me want to run around in joy!! So so gorgeous!!

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Mixed purple and white/cream wedding

This wedding was at beautiful Coolibah downs. The flowers had rustic feel, especially the bridesmaids bouquets and the groomsmen's buttonholes. The colours were mixed purple and white/cream.
The purples in the bouquet were soo beautiful! It's nice to use a mixed shades of the same colour :)

Mixed purple, cream & white bride's bouquet

Bridal bouquet with butterfly and brooch.

Bridesmaids babies breath bouquets 

Groomsmen's buttonholes with babies breath

Groom's buttonhole with white rose, berries and leaves 

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pumpkin flowers

My husband brought home a big pumpkin the other day from work (they have a vege patch where he works), so I decided to dress it a little with flowers before we eat it!
(I made this with couldn't use / left over flowers so some roses are really damaged - this was purely for fun)

It will be fun to have something like this as a wedding decoration :) especially in autumn

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Mixed pink and cream bouquet

Today's wedding was a really sweet one with mixed pink + cream. 
This wedding was at Coolibah downs Nerang, the bride is wearing off white/ivory wedding dress and the bridesmaids wore fuchsia pink dresses which I think is really fun and different! :) 
The flowers were to compliment the fuchsia pink colour by using different pinks and cream. We didn't use any greenery for this wedding. 

Mixed pink and cream wedding bouquet

Mixed pink & cream bridesmaids bouquets

Mixed pink & cream bridesmaids bouquets

Teardrop bridal bouquet with roses and no greenery
Mmm so pretty.

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Not long to go now till the big move.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ice cream bowl arrangement

Hi guys. :) Second post in a day.

I made this arrangement last night into my new, big ice cream bowl. (which is what I've requested for a mother's day present)
Now, I always tell the bride who want to use tulips, that tulips grow. And this is what I'm talking about..
ice cream bowl flower arrangement - at night

ice cream bowl flower arrangement - in the morning

ice cream bowl flower arrangement
Do you see what I mean? 
Tulips grow towards the light and they grow so much even in a few hours! 
They'll be nice in an arm sheaf (so it's not so obvious when they grow) and for a winter wedding, because they don't grow as much in cool weather. 

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Flower arrangement for the kids

I went to teach the kids at Whispering Gully Child Care Centre some flower arrangement this morning!
It was so fun watching the kids do the arrangements :)

First, I did some demonstration,

 Then let the kids do the arrangement, and what fun they had!



The kids did a great job! I would love to go show kids how to do flower arrangements again. :)
I would do kids flower arrangement birthday parties too when I move to Melbourne!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding flowers in organic colours and no roses

This wedding was at the Ecostudio Fellini, which is on the way to the springbrook national park.
The green you see when you get out of the car is just spectacular!! The mountains on the Gold Coast is so amazing!
Strangely, I was attracted more to the beaches when I was living in Sydney, but now the mountains and bushes attract me much more on the Gold Coast. :)

at Ecostudio Mudgeeraba 

So, going onto the flowers, the flowers were oh so unique and so gorgeous! 
The bride Kelly did not want to go for the roses and chose such amazing combination of flowers :) 
no roses bouquet :) with calla lily, freesia, leuc and greesia. 
Isn't is amazing?
The bridesmaids carried the same design but smaller bouquets

Then the reception flowers were so simple unique and organic :) 
The flowers were arranged into jars and bottles - 3 jars to a table plus candles
Reception flowers - flowers in bottles and jars

Reception flowers - flowers in bottles and jars 
There were 
Babies breath
Calla lilies

Hope you've enjoyed the photos, because I did! This wedding was so unique, beautiful and exciting. :) 
I use roses for most of the wedding, but it's nice to use other flowers for a change. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pale pastel (white, cream & pink) bouquets

Today's wedding was at the Palazzo Versace (which is spectacular!) and the flowers were so sweet.
Cute dainty and fluffy... Love!
The bridesmaid carried the same but a smaller bouquet & the groom had a white rose.
Pale pastel, white cream and pale pink bouquet 

Pale pastel bouquet 
Buttonhole and corsage

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photos from the bride :)

Hi There!

I received few photos from Suzanna, my past bride.
She looks gorgeous!! as well as her bridesmaid and the little flower girl :)

How cute is Suzanna's little girl!
Sooo gorgeous and I'm so impressed that the flower hair circlet (halo) suits her soo much!! Just adorable!

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PS BIG THANKS for all your support for mother's day! Happy Belated mother's day for all the mums out there :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family portrait with flowers :)

These are photos from my family portrait :D These were taken by the very talented Atsuto from Kitanobo Photography. We had so much fun at this shoot!
We went to Tamborine Mountains - which is my favorite location on the Gold Coast.
We didn't even realize, but it was so Autumn up in the mountains! It's not down where we live. :(
It's so lovely to see the different colours of different seasons - It's so good for the kids too to see the different colours and experience different textures.
I'm really looking forward to experiencing 4 seasons when we move to Melbourne in July!!

Pink, apricot, yellow and cream bouquet 

White and silver bouquet with long trialling ribbon 

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PS Don't forget! I'm moving to Melbourne in July 2011!


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