Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jazushi Terrace Upgrade Project

Orange, red & white arrangement with dahlias, roses and orchids

Restaurant bar flowers

Flowers in beer bottles
Macrame display - made by Sugar Bee Flowers! 

We (meaning me and my professional woodworker husband) had an opportunity to drive up to Sydney to do some upgrade of the very best restaurant in Sydney - Jazushi
I've always loved Jazushi. It's somewhere you can enjoy really good food and professional live jazz. It's romantic, sophisticated, yet cozy. Service is always superb and food is just divine!  So I was very thrilled when the owner of Jazushi asked us to do some upgrade on their 'bamboo terrace". 

What we did was - maintenance on the bamboo, changed the soil a little, removed not-so-alive plants, replaced with new, made some planter boxes around the bamboo pots, placed a powder coated metal behind the bar for some macrame (which we made)  & candle holders, and decorated the whole place with flowers! We had a real good time, and it was nice to actually see what it looked like being used when we had dinner there on the final day. 

I tend to become a strict perfectionist when it comes to work - never completely satisfied with what I do (which hopefully doesn't translate to clients being unhappy. I always put in 120% to make every client happy), but this time it felt quite good! I'd like to thank the owner of the fabulous restaurant Jazushi. He is doing such a great job in running this fantastic restaurant. 
Hope everyone in Sydney makes a visit there on a special occasion :) 
I know that they will make it even more special for you.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

White & Yellow wedding at Zonzo!

This beautiful wedding was at Zonzo in Yarra Glen.
When I delivered the bouquet to the bride, she was stunningly beautiful - these are the moments when I think I'm so blessed to be doing this job.
Yes it is a lot of work and sometimes I only get 3 hours sleep - 3 days in a row, and only get to eat 1 meal in a day along with 5 cups of coffee... - but it's all worth it. :)
I'm so lucky to be immersed into this world of love, beauty, excitement and happiness.

Congratulations S&S! It was a dream to be working with you!
I actually felt like pinching myself when you said "Basically we are not going to tell you how to do your job"
I'll remember that for the rest of my life!! :D hehe


Monday, April 1, 2013

Native + Gold rose wedding at Emu Bottom Homestead, Sunbury

King protea native bouquet and David Austin rose

Natives buttonholes

Natives guest table centrepieces

Native guest table centrepieces

Bridal bouquet table centrepiece

This special wedding was at gorgeous rustic venue Emu Bottom Homestead.
Meeting the bride and groom seemed like my meeting my long time friend; they were so lovely! It was such an honour to be doing their wedding flowers. :)
The wedding initially was going to be mainly roses, but the bride decided to go with more natives, which I think was a very good choice considering the setting and the whole atmosphere. It would have matched her wedding dress very well too!
I don't usually use natives (for no particular reason - just don't get many orders for them) but it was so nice to revisit the beauty of these. So bold, colourful, textural... I love them so much!

Huge congratulations to M&S!! xxx


PS - sorry about the watermark. I thought I will not do it again but I found a pinterest pin of my own work but was listed as someone else's work. I decided to not complain since it was only 1 photo, but certainly didn't feel very good!

Sugar Bee Flowers; display at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at Carlton Gardens

I've had an opportunity to set up a large arrangement at MIFGS this year! 
It was completely hectic and by the third and last day of set up, I completely hated my display. 
(probably because I've been looking at and working on it too much - about 30 hours) 
But we've pulled it through - thanks to my assistant who assured me that it's looking good - and it was done in time! Yay!
Looking back, it was a great experience, great fun and great team building. :)
We were thankful for this experience and a chance to have a look at how other florists work.
It was very inspirational actually.
After all these work, it's funny to say that I now know that I like making little things like bouquets and buttonholes - and that's a great thing to know too - that I really love what I do.
Anyway, thank you to all who saw this at the show this year. I don't know if I will go back next year but it truly was a fantastic experience!!

Youki - sugar bee flowers


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