Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pretty mauve wedding at Balgownie Estate!

This was such a gorgeous wedding at Balgownie Estate, on a very warm, bright autumn day. 
Balgownie is always stylish and elegant - it's such a pleasure to be located so close to all the stunning venues in the Yarra Valley! 

For this particular wedding, we used shangri-la roses, Sweet Juliet roses, lisianthus, lavender and dusty miller. 

It's obvious enough but I am really feeling the importance of being a good customer. I mean I always am (hehe) but if you are royal and polite, you become an important customer, the suppliers will go out of their way to get something for you. In this case, we had a hiccup with getting the exact mauve roses we wanted to use, so I went to the Magic Rose Gardens (in Healesville) and they supplied over 300 stems of Shangri-la roses on the same day. How great is that! Magic Rose Gardens is my very favourite supplier for their superior quality roses and fantastic service, and they will always be my favourite!  
It's so important to choose any vendors that will go out of their way, and also gets their supply from a supplier that will go out of their way too. It's a whole team work - not within one business, but from one bussiness to the other, and to the client. 

Anyway, enough of my stories - this wedding was so pretty and romantic :) We used amazing 7 buckets of rose heads which is about 300 heads of roses to use as petals for the isle. It was very full and beautiful! 

For table flowers, we used the same flowers as the bouquets. :) 

Congratulations to M&G!!

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