Sunday, June 22, 2014

Latona M

Last year while browsing Pinterest, a picture jumped into my eye.
My picture that was used as a business card! 
It was shared and liked by thousands and it had won many many awards internationally. 
Business card bouquet
(Picture from, the work is of Latona Marketing)  

I contacted the design firm and asked to be credited (sorry to be fussy but I gotta protect my business too!) and interesting enough, it was a design company in Japan doing lots of clever designs. 

(Business card design from, the work is of Latona Marketing

I am probably biased being a Japanese, but I LOVE the high quality and standard of any designs in Japan. You will see lots of pretty, interesting, cute and innovative packaging designs, stationary designs, architecture, etc... 

Latona Marketing is one of those companies, doing clever designs in Japan. 
(Pamphlet design from, the work is of Latona Marketing

Sorry, this is not supposed to be an advertisement for Latona Marketing, but I fell in love with many of their designs, I can't help but to say good things about them.

(Webpage design from, the work is of Latona Marketing

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that it's interesting how businesses, internationally, connect. 
How lucky am I to have made a connection to such a superior design company by finding 1 single picture on Pinterest :)  

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