Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fiesta! D&S's wedding at Peninsula Golf Club, Frankston

I couldn't help but say "Fiesta!" when I made the bouquets & buttonholes for today's wedding.
It was so fun & gorgeous.
I'd actually like to call these rainbow bouquets (I know, some colours are missing ;P) not just because this is a fun colourful bouquet, but also because I saw a big rainbow on the way to delivering this bouquet.
It's quite special isn't it? :)

colourful 'rainbow' wedding bouquet with roses, carnation, freesia, succulent and billy button

colourful 'rainbow' wedding bouquet - rose carnation freesia succulents billy button

colourful 'rainbow' wedding bouquet

colourful 'rainbow' wedding bouquet

colourful 'rainbow' bridesmaids bouquets

orange and pink buttonholes and corsages with roses and freesias

Mmm festive. LOVE!
Congratulations D&S! :)


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