Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lilac and soft colours wedding in Baccus Marsh VIC

This was a lovely soft coloured wedding in Baccus Marsh.
I enjoyed the drive - I've never been out west for weddings in Melbourne.
The hills and the landscape was beautiful. It's so different to what we see on this side of Melbourne.

The day of the wedding was SOOOO hot, that when we went to set up, the candles were melting in the sun.
So, obviously we were extremely worried how the flowers, but when I tested them afterwards, surprisingly flowers were quite okay.

lilac pink and cream bouquet with dahlia, lisianthus, david austins, crysies and dusty miller

Lilac, pink and cream loosely handtied 'natural' bouquets with dahlia, david austins,  lisianthus, spray roses and dusty miller

'natural' 'picked from the garden' style loose bridal bouquet with dahlias david austins.. 

jar flowers

large jar flowers

large jar flowers

Youki x

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