Saturday, December 18, 2010

White & black wedding

White wedding bouquet: Gold Coast
Here are the photos from the weddings I did this weekend.

The flowers was for a wedding at Crown Plaza Surfers Paradise.  
This bride had the wedding theme - "black and white". 
We decided to use white flowers with black ribbon, which the flowers turned out very elegant. 
I think this is one of my favourite bouquet I have made. 
It's simple and elegant, while keeping the natural feel by having it slightly unstructured. :) 

rose buttonholes and corsages
Buttonholes and corsages looking very sophisticated by having the black ribbons around the stem.

White bouquet with rose, David Austin roses and carnation

white bouquet with black ribbon: rose, David Austin roses and carnation

David Austin roses, roses and carnation, wedding bouquet
Bouquets had roses, carnation and David Austin roses bound with black ribbon and the Bride's bouquet had the criss-cross thin white ribbon, which added a unique touch to the bouquet.

Best wishes for the bride and the groom!! 


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