Sunday, April 24, 2011

Orange, pink & white wedding flowers

This was a fun orange, pink & white wedding in Brisbane, at Wynnum Golf Club.
I love bright coloured flowers - makes me real happy looking at them.
This is really going to pop and look absolutely amazing against the white/ivory wedding dress.

orange, pink and white bouquets

orange, pink and white bouquet

The flowers used were roses, mini roses, freesia & berries. 

Sophisticated orange rose reception flowers
The reception flowers were really simple and sophisticated.
They usually have candles in these, but it's a great idea to have flowers in there.
It adds colour and it's an really interesting feature.

I was exhausted yesterday, and when I looked at the sky, it was absolutely AMAZING!!
I didn't edit this photo. The sky was actually like this.
It was cloudy, but there was a straight stream of blue sky. So strange, so beautiful.
It actually make my heart beat faster. 

I'll share with you more wedding photos tomorrow! 


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  1. beautiful wedding flowers arrangements and i really love flowers collections and what a pleasant gift it is...



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