Monday, September 2, 2013

Setting up the shop in Coldstream

We are in process of setting up the shop in Coldstream.
The address is 4/4 North Gateway Coldstream 3770.

I am very excited about this!! Although there is not much pedestrian traffic in the small complex (actually, there is almost no traffic), it's got quite a unique, relaxed vibe to it; neighboring shop people are walking around, swapping some ingredients (at least that's what I think they are doing), saying hello, and there are people coming to get some fish and chips next door...

If you look further out, you get to see trees and large paddock and a lot of cars going past on Maroondah HWY. I really love where I am because I see green on both sides - front and back.
AND the sunset.. amazing!

 I can't wait till I get to invite clients over for little meetings. :)

Inside the studio

I will let you know when the studio is ready! :)

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