Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cake from Love Bites Cookies :)

Sorry guys - this post has nothing to do with flowers. 

We had our kids' birthday party today! 
I was hoping it didn't rain - it did shower a couple of times but ended up being a nice and windy day out at a park. :) 

I really wanted to share some photos with you of our birthday cake! 
We got it from Love Bites Cookies. .
We had worked on same weddings in the past which lead to me asking Jenna to do the kids birthday cake! 
The party was sea themed and we had a cake to go with that. I found a pic I like and she went creative based on that! :) 

Kids birthday cake from love bites cookies
Kids Birthday cake from Love Bites Cookies

Kids birthday cake from love bites cookies

Isn't it adorable?! We loved it!!! (Especially ME!!)
Make sure you visit her website. :) She does beautiful wedding cakes too! 

I'll share with you flower photos in the next week! 

I am having troubles with my email. If you have emailed me between last night and today, it must have bounced back.. Sorry!! My web designer is fixing the problem and should be back to normal tomorrow. 
If you need to get in contact, please feel free to SMS anytime on 04123 02345. 

Youki xx

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