Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cream, dark pink and lavender rose bouquet

Here are some photos of today's wedding at Historic windmill near Tamborine mountain and Canungra (not sure of the exact suburb!).
The bride was originally going to wear a wedding dress with ivory top and skirt with pink/lilac floral pattern so we decided on the colours based on the design of the dress.

At the end, she decided to wear an ivory dress, but I'm sure this bouquet complimented her beauty anyway. :)
Cream, dark pink and lilac rose bouquet

Cream, dark pink and lilac rose bouquet 

Boxed ready to be delivered! :) 

It's raining today - rain of happiness. I love rainy days. 


PS: As some of you know, I'm from Japan (moved over to Australia when I was little) and I've been trying to find ways to help Japan. When I went to Etsy, I found an overwhelming amount of items for sale when I searched "Japan relief". What a FANTASTIC way of donating! Please check it out. :)

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