Monday, April 1, 2013

Sugar Bee Flowers; display at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at Carlton Gardens

I've had an opportunity to set up a large arrangement at MIFGS this year! 
It was completely hectic and by the third and last day of set up, I completely hated my display. 
(probably because I've been looking at and working on it too much - about 30 hours) 
But we've pulled it through - thanks to my assistant who assured me that it's looking good - and it was done in time! Yay!
Looking back, it was a great experience, great fun and great team building. :)
We were thankful for this experience and a chance to have a look at how other florists work.
It was very inspirational actually.
After all these work, it's funny to say that I now know that I like making little things like bouquets and buttonholes - and that's a great thing to know too - that I really love what I do.
Anyway, thank you to all who saw this at the show this year. I don't know if I will go back next year but it truly was a fantastic experience!!

Youki - sugar bee flowers

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