Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jazushi Terrace Upgrade Project

Orange, red & white arrangement with dahlias, roses and orchids

Restaurant bar flowers

Flowers in beer bottles
Macrame display - made by Sugar Bee Flowers! 

We (meaning me and my professional woodworker husband) had an opportunity to drive up to Sydney to do some upgrade of the very best restaurant in Sydney - Jazushi
I've always loved Jazushi. It's somewhere you can enjoy really good food and professional live jazz. It's romantic, sophisticated, yet cozy. Service is always superb and food is just divine!  So I was very thrilled when the owner of Jazushi asked us to do some upgrade on their 'bamboo terrace". 

What we did was - maintenance on the bamboo, changed the soil a little, removed not-so-alive plants, replaced with new, made some planter boxes around the bamboo pots, placed a powder coated metal behind the bar for some macrame (which we made)  & candle holders, and decorated the whole place with flowers! We had a real good time, and it was nice to actually see what it looked like being used when we had dinner there on the final day. 

I tend to become a strict perfectionist when it comes to work - never completely satisfied with what I do (which hopefully doesn't translate to clients being unhappy. I always put in 120% to make every client happy), but this time it felt quite good! I'd like to thank the owner of the fabulous restaurant Jazushi. He is doing such a great job in running this fantastic restaurant. 
Hope everyone in Sydney makes a visit there on a special occasion :) 
I know that they will make it even more special for you.

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